Using WordPress to power your businesses website

Why to use WordPress

WordPress is a seriously strong competitor in the content management system (CMS) domain due to its reliability and extensive development solutions. It provides so many exciting opportunities for business websites and online stores.

The WordPress community is growing everyday and is a global success, which is amazing when you think the first version was released in 2003. WordPress has had a profound impact on the internet and are currently succeeding above its competitors. It has 61.8% of the CMS market – (‪ incredible… let’s look at what on earth they are doing.

More about WordPress

WordPress provides hosting, site maintenance, blogging, consulting and they have theme design and plugin development in their portfolio. It’s a very popular choice with the latest version being downloaded over 40 million times.

WordPress must be doing something right with traffic of 20 billion views per month and they rank higher for keywords compared with their competitors. Additionally, 30% plus of stores that run online use Woocommerce. In fact 1.5 million stores online use this particular WordPress plugin. Due to its reliability many popular and well known brands are powered by WordPress’ CMS. Examples include The New York Times, CNN, SONY, TED, NFL and UPS.

Responsive Design

You may or may not have heard about the importance of responsive web design. Google prefers websites that translate well into mobile phones and other devices. And this is importance to you and your business when potential customers are searching for businesses like yours on their mobile phones. Your website needs to translate well and convey positive messages about your business. WordPress understands the fundamentals of this requirement. They offer responsive designs which run smoothly across many devices.

Flexibility and control

Your business needs can be met with WordPress themes, themes designed by 3rd party vendors and customisations. Making use of plugins like WooCommerce your website can be transformed into a high end e-commerce store. This particular plugin offers total control for the developer and store owner. According to ‪ you can ’set-up multiple users for the website and assign access levels and capabilities to each user’.

Translation and accessibility

WordPress also functions in over one hundred languages with a little help from the WeGlot plugin. WordPress are currently working on translating several more leading languages. This is hugely positive whether you are reaching out to a global or local market.

Search engines rate WordPress

WordPress is extremely SEO focussed, it uses high quality code so Google tends to rank higher because of this. You can also optimise your website further with its plugins. As for updates, you will receive notifications and any updates can be done efficiently on the admin dashboard.

Security and safety

Security and safety is a key factor for WordPress as it has been developed with this specifically in mind. There are plugins that will help to protect from specific threats and provide a backup solutions. WordPress and it’s plugins protect from brute force attacks, hacking and malware – plugins such as Sucuri can be installed. Web application firewall can be enabled and the WordPress site can be moved to SSL/HTTPS.

Adapt and grow

As your business grows your website needs to adapt and grow with you. WordPress is scalable and allows you to add features and as many pages as you require.

WordPress really are masters at flexibility, creativity and relevance. If you are interested in discussing the use of WordPress sites further, let us know!