10 proven ways to get the perfect website redesign

Website Redesign Bournemouth

You don’t have to be a website design expert to sense that your website is throwing up a few curve balls or letting your business down.

It might come as a surprise but, ‘75% of consumers admit that they judge a business’ credibility based on their website design’

Let’s ask the big question…
Do I have a website to redesign?

Ask yourself the following questions

  • Am I getting clicks, engagement and sales?
  • Have my conversions decreased over a period of time?
  • Has my vision or goals changed since I launched my current website?
  • Is my current website out of date in any way?
  • Is my website user friendly, and optimised?

Exploring design and development agencies

We recommend you explore companies who have the experience to meet your business needs and website redesign to avoid a website with flaws.

When searching for an agency in your region you might do various searches such as design services in Bournemouth, or web design company Bournemouth.

This will provide you with agencies in your area that should have expertise regarding the local area as well as design and development services. This will create a commonality if you are a Bournemouth / Dorset based business.

Clear planning – For great website outcomes

Undergo research exploring website design inspiration.
Consider websites that you like and those you do not. Discover why you feel the way you do about these websites. And identify which ones are relevant to your industry and those that are not.

For example, is a website too complicated, does it lack a humanly feel or is it not artisan enough…This a great opportunity for you to nail down what you are aiming for.

  • From here you can develop some goals.
  • Understanding your website redesign goals
  • Consider the changes you would like to make.

Take into account the design and functionality as this will help to influence your visitor engagement and potential sales.

Ask yourself… what isn’t working on my site and what would I like to keep,

….the more specific your goals are the more likely a Webdesign agency will be able to realise them.

This might be a good time to reacquaint yourself with your target audience, all those great unique selling points.

Please do not be put off if you are a smaller business, as these are questions you should be asking yourself regardless of the size of business.

How should a visitor feel when viewing your website? This is a good opportunity to collate inspiration like colour palettes and typography styles. We highly value your input when sculpting your site with you. After all, you know your business better than anyone!

Identify who your competitors are

Are there elements that create an industry identity which your competitors have in common? Does your website lack this commonality? – Sometimes our industry associates itself with particular colours, themes, layouts etc… Has your current website missed the boat on this association?

What are your competitors’ websites succeeding at, can we learn from their approaches and tighten up your site in these areas. Identify any features that could benefit your website.

Content is king

Let’s be honest – is your content high quality, because in some cases the written elements are treated like second class citizens, and they shouldn’t be.

Is your information useful and images high resolution?

Does the information on your site help to solve visitor dilemmas?
As much as an ‘about us page’ creates authenticity and a human edge, much of your other text needs to offer clarity and answers. Without clarity and relevance, it can leave your visitors spinning and exiting your site- quickly!

As we said earlier, written content needs to be given the attention it deserves. Your website is not just about the beautiful visual elements. Your site needs to come together, creating a perfect harmony between design and text…Telling a story through visuals, functionality and the written word.

It is worth remembering that written content tells a story just like the visual elements of your website. If this is daunting, we can help you with this.

Communication is everything

Once you have a set of clear goals, which have been cross-referenced with industry research, you should be able to communicate clearly about the goals for your website redesign.

A digital agency, like ourselves, like to communicate and share ideas to maximise business intentions. We will help you convey a clear industry association with a design that helps your business to stand out.

Developing your website

It’s common to identify pages of your website that perform fantastically…

however, there will also be those that do not. In this situation, we have a golden opportunity to reorganise and reconsider the pages of your site. During this time we have the chance to delete some, as well as add new pages to maximise your website and its flow.

We also explore ways to optimise your website by doing keyword research. These are the terms which people will use to find businesses like yours. This will help to support ranking but it will also reassure your visitors they have landed in the right place.

Site testing and feedback

We would recommend you give time for testing your new website before it goes live.

Ensure all the feature works how you would like, and ask friends and family to test its user-friendliness and optimisation.

We will ensure your website converts across devices offering consistency and usability.


Having a great sense of what your business is about…

And having some website redesign ideas, how you want your website to look and feel, coupled with those all-important clear and researched goals – you will be on your way to succeeding with the website redesign you are wishing for.

Good luck!