Branding, Re-branding & Graphic Design for websites & online marketing

We live in an HD world where it’s no longer acceptable to have below par graphics and inconsistent business and product images representing your company across multiple platforms. Work with us on creating an updated brand strategy which can improve your recognition and boost your conversion rate. We’ll work with you on creating signature colours, icons, logos and consistent imagery that will give your brand the boost it needs. Whether it’s for a business start up where the whole brand needs to be conceptualised, or you just need to re-brand and update your existing images and graphics, we will help you present your business so that is succeeds.

Logos & Graphic Design

Need newer logos, variations and versions for different platforms? Want to re-work your old logo? Change your colour scheming and fonts? Give your site and business a whole new look and increase engagement, build trust and boost conversions.

Company Branding & Re-Branding

If you are a brand new start up business we can work with you to visualise your concept or help create one thats right for your business. If you are an already established business that just wants a more up to date look with a re-brand then we can help with that too.

Aesthetics meets functionality. One cannot be without the other they both need to complement and balance each other.

What will branding do for my website or business?

We shop with our eyes, now more than ever. Add on top of that decreasing attention spans then you can see how your graphics and branding are important. Improved branding, graphics and consistent imagery will all help boost your conversion rate (CRO) which will in turn help your SEO results as well as impact your business where it matters most, increases sales and more customers.

Why do I need to re-brand?

Sometimes business ideas don’t work out, but this isn’t necessarily anything to do with the idea or the product. It can often be down to the pitch and branding, essentially how your idea has been packaged and presented to your target audience. If the design does not sell your idea or communicate what you are trying to offer, then clients will become confused and disengaged causing them to leave your site.

Customers will decide how good your businesses products and services are, based on the imagery, content and the layouts used across platforms. Your business and it’s branding needs to build trust to positively influence click through rates, engagement and purchasing decisions.

We will help you identify why your previous approach may not have taken off as initially anticipated. Together we will reinvent your idea and create seamless design that will give your business and ideas a second chance at success.

Whats involved with branding & what do I need to do?

Again, this is like asking how long is a piece of string as it depends on your needs, but we will quickly work out what they are and propose a solution. Although branding or re-branding sounds like a lot of work, it is absolutely vital that this design process and stage is maximised.

It can be as simple as creating newer higher resolution versions and variations for your existing logo and placing them appropriately, or it could be as in depth as totally redesigning your brand, site and all your product images and graphics. We will quickly identify what your needs are and what you have to do which is usually helping with the brief and approving work or giving feedback.

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