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Website Maintenance, Edits and Updates for Bournemouth Businesses

Life isn’t static and business certainly isn’t, which is why we offer you a service where your website is taken care of and updated. Whenever you want changes like adjustments to team profiles, text tweaks and image changes then this can be done in a timely manner. We understand that you may not want to get involved with the complexities of your website which is why we will support you in maintaining and enhancing your site.

We specialise in WordPress but cover most platforms

WordPress is the worlds most popular platform for a reason. It’s very flexible and easy to work on with many third party technologies. This makes it efficient for us to work on, costing you less.

We are experienced in all aspects of WordPress. We can edit and maintain even a heavily customised site, keeping it updated without you having to be involved only when it’s too late.

Thinking of switching to WordPress? We can change platform for you no problem and even improve your hosting.

Every website needs a domain name to be hosted online. Let us help with your search and complete the registration for you whilst providing advice.

How much does website maintenance cost?

We start from as little as £100 for 3 months, but get in touch so we can give you a more accurate price once we know whats needed. This can just be tweaks, maintenance and security updates or anything you require in an ongoing basis (like blog posting) that will leave you time to manage your business and not your site.

Why does my site need maintenance?

Most platforms have updates to aid functionality, work with newer operating systems and browsers, work with third party software as well as the most crucial part; security. If your site gets hacked it can get de-indexed by search engines (killing your SEO) and or stop functioning for users all together. For a site that is performing, the results of this can be costly. Prevention is far better than a cure so get in touch with us at Reach Studio to find out how we can keep you running smoothly for peace of mind.